Parts Of Lathe Machine And Its Functions Pdf

parts of lathe machine and its functions pdf

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Published: 27.05.2021

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All You Need To Know About CNC Lathe Machines

Lathe Machine is a Production Machine tool. The Lathe was invented by Jacques de Vaucanson around 1. The Lathe Machine is an ancient tool. At the very early stage this machine was developed around BC at that time there was not developed so many parts expect headstock and Tailstock. But during the industrial revolution Metalworking lathe evolved into heavier machines with thicker, more rigid parts. Then in , the servomechanism is applied to control lathe and other machine tools by numeric, Direct numerical control machine.

All Parts Of Lathe Machine

In this article of Lathe, we will learn almost everything about the Lathe, like The definition, introduction, parts, specification, Applications, Operations, Interview Questions, and, working principle of the lathe machine. After reading this detailed article you will be able to understand everything about the Lathe machine. You will be able to download the lathe machine PDF with all parts and functions at the end of this article. The lathe machine can be considered the Mother of all tools. David Wilkinson was the inventor of the Lathe machine.

Lathe Machine is used in all the engineering applications and also in the college Workshops. Lathe Machine is a machine tool that uses a cutting tool for removing the material from the surface of the workpiece which is held in the chuck for holding the workpiece and feed was provided by the tool on to the workpiece for the removal of material. It is the most versatile and widely used machine in industries, institutions, etc. Now lets discuss the parts of lathe machine along with its accessories with the help of a Line diagram. Grey C. I: It is used for manufacturing of bed of the machine because it has high damping qualities and rigid qualities.

Different Parts of Lathe Machine and Their Functions Print

Below are illustrations of different lathes and lathe parts. Study these parts and be ready to answer questions concerning their names and locations. Bed: Usually made of cast iron.

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What Is the Structure of the Lathes?

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Lathe Machine – All Parts and Functions with Diagrams and Uses


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Lathe Machine A lathe machine is used to design or shape a metal piece accurately.

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PDF | Lathe machine is a general-purpose machine tool, which is Headstock is a major part of lathe machine which is on the left side of the The advanced connectivity functions on the new control include Siemens' Easy.

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Chip Pan: It is situated at the lower part of the lathe machine. Its function is to collect the chips while machining. Thus these chips can be collected easily and can.

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