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Implant function is directly related to accurate surgical technique. GENESIS II instrumentation has been developed to be an easy-to-use system that will assist the surgeon in obtainingaccurate and reproducible knee alignment. The instrumentation can be used in minimally invasive or standardexposures. While it has been the designers objective to developaccurate, easy-to-use instrumentation, each surgeon must evaluatethe appropriateness of the following technique based on his or hermedical training, experience and patient evaluation.

Long-term results of posterior-cruciate-retaining Genesis I total knee arthroplasty

Implant function is directly related to accurate surgical technique. GENESIS II instrumentation has been developed to be an easy-to-use system that will assist the surgeon in obtainingaccurate and reproducible knee alignment. The instrumentation can be used in minimally invasive or standardexposures. While it has been the designers objective to developaccurate, easy-to-use instrumentation, each surgeon must evaluatethe appropriateness of the following technique based on his or hermedical training, experience and patient evaluation.

Robert B. Steven B. Richard S. Michael D. William B. Mark A. Preop Planning. Tibial Preparation. Tibial Sizing. Nota Bene:The technique description herein is made available to the healthcare professional to illustrate the authors suggested treatment for the uncomplicated procedure. In the final analysis, the preferred treatment is that which addresses the needs of the patient.

Use the 9. After the assembly is placed inneutral rotation, impact thefloating spikes into the distalfemur and secure the distal blockwith pins. Remove the IM rod, unlock thelever on the valgus alignmentguide and remove the valgusalignment assembly using theuniversal extractor.

Position the sizing guide flushagainst the distal femur, whileensuring that the posterior paddlesare contacting the underside ofboth posterior condyles. To posterior reference, drill andinsert two pins through the holesof the sizing guide to secure theguide and prepare holes for theA-P cutting block. Position the sizing guide stylus sothat it contacts the lateral ridge ofthe anterior cortex and determinethe size from the graduations onthe shaft of the stylus.

If the femuris in-between sizes, choose thelarger size. To anterior reference, positionthe sizing guide stylus so that itcontacts the lateral ridge of theanterior cortex and determine thesize from the graduations on theshaft of the stylus. If the indicated size is in-betweensizes, turn the lower hex screw toraise the anterior surface to thenext smaller size. Once theappropriate size is selected, turnthe upper hex screw to lock inposition. Drill to mark the locationholes for the A-P cutting block.

Place the correctly sized A-Pcutting block on the distal femurand make anterior, posterior andchamfer cuts. Extramedullary tibial alignment:Assemble extramedullary tibialguide with the non-spiked shown or spiked rod and placeon tibia. Align guide over medialthird of the tibial tubercle andparallel to the tibia. Intramedullary tibial alignment:Place the intramedullaryalignment assembly on the tibia. The alignment rod should alignwith the medial third of the tibialtubercle.

Impact assembly. Attach the P-S collet to the P-Shousing block by tightening thegold thumb screw, then pin to thedistal femur. Attach the tibial stylus to the tibial cutting block and lower the cutting block until the stylustouches the low point on the leastaffected side of the tibia. Oncethe resection level is determined,insert pins to secure and removealignment assembly.

After trial ROM and alignmentchecks, select the appropriatetrial fin punch and punch throughthe trial. Lift inserter superiorlyuntil the anterior lip of the insertis fully seated.

Ream through the collet until thedepth stop contacts the collet andthen move reamer anterior andposterior until it contacts thedepth stops.

Impact the housing box chiselanteriorly and posteriorly through the housing resectioncollet to square the corners of the housing. Determine the angle between the anatomical andthe mechanical axes.

This measurement will be usedintraoperatively to select the appropriate valgusangle so that correct limb alignment is restored. Beware of misleading angles in knees with aflexion contracture or rotated lower extremities. Tip: Many surgeons prefer to simply select astandard angle for the distal femoral cut i. Check the bushing position to make sure that left is facing anteriorly when operating on a left knee and right is facing anteriorly when operating on a right knee.

Assemble the distal femoral cutting block onto the valgus alignment guide. Positioning the block at the primary resection level will ensure the cut will equal the distal thickness of the femoral prosthesis.

Lock by pressing thelever in a horizontal position toward the medial side. Slide the intramedullary rod of the assembly intothe femoral canal until the alignment guide contactsthe distal femur Figure 3. Orient rotation of the assembly neutral to theposterior condyles Figure 4 and impact one orboth of the floating spikes into the distal femur. Using non-headed pins, pin the distal femoralcutting block to the anterior femur using the holesmarked 0.

Once adequate distal femoral resectionis noted, an additional headed or non-headed pinshould be placed obliquely to provide additionalstability Figure 5. Unlock the lever on the valgus alignment guide,remove the intramedullary rod and the valgusalignment assembly using the universal extractor Figure 6.

Only the distal femoral cutting blockshould remain on the femur. Log in Get Started. See Full Reader. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x Contributing Clinicians Robert B. Resect the distal femur. Resect the proximal tibia.

Size the tibia. Seat the tibial implant with thetibial impactor. Place the femoral implant on thefemur and use the femoralimpactor to fully seat the implant. Place the patellar implant onto thepatella and clamp onto the boneto pressurize. Posterior-Stabilized Prepare the patella usingsurgeons preferred technique. Open the femoral canal with a 9. Instrument Assembly: a. Attach the selected valgus angle bushing 5, 6 or 7 to the valgus alignment guide. Attach a modular T-handle to the IM rod and insert through the alignment assembly Figure 2.

Tip: There may be times when only one side of theguide will touch bone. Resect the distal femur Figure 7 , then remove thedistal femoral cutting block. Tip: If the distal femoral resection is not adequate,remove the oblique h.

Distal Cut First Surgical Technique - Smith & Nephew .The GENESIS™ II Total Knee System has been

The features of this device include a deeper and more lateralized trochlear groove than earlier designs, an externally rotated femoral component meaning the femoral cuts are performed in neutral rotation relative to the epicondylar axis, but the implant has a thicker posterolateral femoral condyle to compensate and an anatomic asymmetrical tibia. The system is said to allow compatibility between a femoral component of a given size and up to four sizes of tibia. Available versions include cruciate retaining, posterior stabilized, and constrained arthroplasties. Components can be porous or non-porous. High flexion knee and deep-dished tibial inserts are available, as is an all-polyethylene tibia in cruciate retaining or posterior stabilized versions.

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Metrics details. Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common condition that is expected to rise in the next two decades leading to an associated increase in total knee replacement TKR surgery. CAPAbility is a pragmatic, blinded, two-arm parallel, randomised controlled trial recruiting patients with primary osteoarthritis due to have unilateral TKR surgery across two UK hospitals. Baseline measures will be taken prior to surgery. Patients will be followed at 1 week, 6 to 8 weeks and 6 months post-operatively.

The GENESIS™ II Total Knee System has been designed to offer the orthopaedic surgeon solutions to address intraoperative situations. Implant function is.

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Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai, India. The authors report the first case of traumatic late dissociation of the polyethylene insert with patellar tendon rupture after total knee arthroplasty using a high-flex posterior-stabilized Genesis II prosthesis in a year-old Parkinson's disease patient. Insert dislodgement has been described most commonly with mobile-bearing and cruciate-retaining TKAs. Only four cases of insert dissociation in a high-flex fixed-bearing prosthesis have been described to date.

References 1. Data on file 2. Pg E 3. Bourne et al. COA poster presentation.

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Michel R.


It consists of a zirconium alloy metal substrate that transitions into a ceramic zirconium oxide outer surface.



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