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rotary microtome parts and function pdf

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With new options Combining the speed of a manual microtome

Generally, microtomes are involved in the process of preparing samples of biological material to be examined under a microscope.

Principle of rotary microtome parts and function semi-auto microtome

A microtome from the Greek mikros , meaning "small", and temnein , meaning "to cut" is a cutting tool used to produce extremely thin slices of material known as sections. Important in science , microtomes are used in microscopy , allowing for the preparation of samples for observation under transmitted light or electron radiation. Microtomes use steel , glass or diamond blades depending upon the specimen being sliced and the desired thickness of the sections being cut. Steel blades are used to prepare histological sections of animal or plant tissues for light microscopy. Glass knives are used to slice sections for light microscopy and to slice very thin sections for electron microscopy.


Principle of rotary microtome parts and function semi-auto microtome. RD microtome is new-developed model in High precision and stable movement design. Will bring the user the more comfortable operating experience. Specimen horizontal feedmm.

The rotary microtome is the most common instrument found in a histology laboratory. Although most microtomes are manual, some are automatic or semi-automatic, where the advancement of the block and speed of cutting are controlled by a foot pedal or a digital keypad at one's fingertips. Automatic and semi-automatic microtomes greatly improve ergonomics by reducing repetitive stress on joints. Microtomes have become more precise and easier to use since the first versions. Although a good microtome can last decades, most laboratories are equipped with modern microtomes with current design innovations.

Microtome is an instrument with the help of which sections of tissues are cut and the process of cutting thin sections is known as Microtomy. The thickness of sections produced during microtomy may be between fractions of nm, in ultramicrotomy, to several microns. The common range is between m but both the maximum and minimum thickness is limited by the consistency of relation of the thickness of sections to the nature of tissues. These sections are stained using suitable staining techniques followed by observing them under the microscope. Rotary microtome. The Rotary microtome is so-called because of a Rotary action of the handwheel responsible for the cutting moment. The block holder is mounted on a steel carriage, which makes up and down in groves this type of instrument is the most ideal for routine and research work it is excellent for cutting serial sections.

Principle of rotary microtome parts and function semi-auto microtome

Using the new adjustable manual coarse feed wheel, comfortably advance or retract the specimen. You can store even more of your necessary tools - brush, blades, wipes, and more. The microtome is specially designed for serial cutting with the actively cooled RM CoolClamp and the low-temperature block for consistent slice thickness over multiple sections. Switch between high and low-profile blades even faster without changing blade holders by using the 2-in-1 Blade Holder.

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Principle of rotary microtome parts and function semi-auto microtome

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Instrumentation for Microtomy: Rotary Microtome Parts

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Mastering the Microtome

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Mastering the Microtome


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Parts which prove to be defective during the familiarize yourself with its proper operation and functions. Description of the Rotary Microtome HM S.



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