Political Science And International Relations Upsc Optional Syllabus Pdf

political science and international relations upsc optional syllabus pdf

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UPSC Political Science Optional Syllabus PDF: Download in Hindi & English

It is a two stage exam consisting of:. Civil Services Preliminary Examination objective type for the selection of candidates for the Main Examination. The first stage of the exam i. Marks secured in Preliminary Exam are not taken into account while preparing the final merit. It has questions broadly covering the following topics carrying a maximum of marks to be solved in 2 hours. It comprises of 80 questions from the following topics carrying a maximum of marks to be solved in 2 hours. Class X level , Data interpretation charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency, etc.

The Union Public Service Commission allows a choice of optional subjects out of a list of subjects. The Political Science Optional is one such subject for which a huge amount of study material is available, as the subject relates with theories and philosophies of different schools like Liberal, Colonial and Post-Colonial, Marxist, Neoliberal, Feminist and so on in the first paper, as well as Indian polity and governance. Political Science and International Relations, is the optional subject which most of the candidates opt for because the availability of the study material for the subject is very high. Preparation for any subject in IAS begins with going through the syllabus thoroughly and understanding how much to cover for the examination. The syllabus is divided into many sections and subsections, all of which are more or less important. Topics Covered. Pluralist, Liberal, Neoliberal, Marxist, Post-colonial and feminist.

It comprises of two papers each of marks. So, the optional paper has total marks. Each paper is of marks with a total of marks. IAS Preparation Books. Botany Main Syllabus.

CSE Political Science & International Relations Syllabus

A right optional is the one which helps you to outperform in mains, the one the which fetches you maximum marks, the one which comes to your rescue when you fail to score well in General Studies and last but not the least, the one which brings out the best in you. Many candidates are opting for PSIR as their optional on the basis of the success ratio that this subject has to offer. Usually, the cost of PSIR optional coaching fee is approx. Join Now. While offline IAS coaching has a fixed time schedule, online coaching is flexible. Aspirants can save time from travelling between home, college and other places. One of the biggest advantages of online PSIR optional coaching is that no lecture or topic will be missed as you can watch it anytime anywhere on your laptop or mobile.

Equality: Social, political and economic; relationship between equality and freedom; Affirmative action. Rights: Meaning and theories; different kinds of rights; concept of Human Rights. Democracy: Classical and contemporary theories; different models of democracy — representative, participatory and deliberative. Gandhi, B. Ambedkar, M.

UPSC Political Science Syllabus for Detailed UPSC IAS Mains Exam

There are a total of 9 papers in the mains exam, out of which two are political science descriptive papers. The UPSC CSE syllabus of Political Science for both the papers is mentioned here to help aspirants understand the type of questions asked in the optional paper as well as about the question paper trends too. Apply before March The exam is held in descriptive mode.

UPSC Political Science Syllabus 2021

A Economics Syllabus M. A and M. Sc in Geography M. Sc and M. L Candidates can take admission in this university and its affiliated colleges. Political Science is a branch of social science which teaches a student about the state, global politics and government.

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UPSC Main Political Science and International Relations Question Paper




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IAS Political Science Syllabus Download Political Science And International Relations (PSIR) Optional Syllabus PDF for UPSC IAS Mains Exam.



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