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He reminds her that Jesus is ever present to heal, save and deliver. Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. Many countries are escalating persecution against believers. All your hand-crafted gifts directly from Bethlehem! Select items such as, fine gold or silver jewelry, beautiful ceramics, or traditional olive wood chalices. The lady he points out comes forward, confirms her condition and receives an undeniable miracle of physical restoration.

It is an amazing demonstration of the Word of Knowledge in action! When Pastor Benny prays later in the program, be assured that Jesus knows who you are, what you need and that your miracle will happen as you release your faith!

Jessica came to a recent Benny Hinn Miracle Service directly from the hospital emergency room where she had unsuccessfully sought relief for a bleeding ulcer. The intense pain stopped as she walked into the studio, and when she came forward to tell what had happened, she revealed that she was not saved.

Then the anointing of the Holy Spirit falls on the audience, with many men and women on the floor under His power. Today Pastor Benny Hinn shares a powerful message from a Monday Night Service as he explains how there is both salvation and healing in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and that Communion is a remembrance of that sacrifice which ignites the promises of God. Join him in worshiping Jesus, because when we turn our eyes to Him, we realize that He is all we need in our lives.

The stats suggest that well more than half of young people will leave the Church after they leave their childhood Christian home. Witnessing is telling others about the forgiveness, love, deliverance, empowering, fruitful life and ministry, etc. Some believe that to question the Bible, God's direction, or even God Himself is tantamount to blasphemy or, on a smaller scale, a sign of disbelief.

During this time of turmoil, we need to stay focused and remember to insure what is most important—our faith and our fitness. The first step in forgiveness is to recognize your resentment against an enemy. You must understand who the enemy is and what he has done to hurt you. Become a member of The Benny Hinn Institute! Search for:. Weekly Guide. Station Listings. This Is Your Day Archive. Streaming Radio. Manna From Heaven. Social Media Teachings. Ministry Classics. Monday Night Service.

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About Pastor Benny. What We Believe. Ministry Websites. Contact Us. Media Weekly Guide. YOU can impact souls today. Your support cannot wait. Benny Hinn Ministries. Ministry Sites Giving Shop. Media Events Prayer Institute. Persecuted Christians — A Call to Prayer Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. How To Receive Jesus!

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Kenneth E. In this text, Isaiah, by the Spirit of God, is prophesying concerning the birth of Jesus, the coming Messiah. Continue Reading. Hagin To download a free PDF of this book, click here. Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord.

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Expect A Miracle, My Life and Ministry

Oral Roberts, founder and chancellor of Oral Roberst University, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is recognized as one of the outstanding personalities of his generation. He is the author of more than one hundred books and founder of the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, which sponsors weekly and daily television programs. Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit.

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Oral Roberts

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He reminds her that Jesus is ever present to heal, save and deliver. Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. Many countries are escalating persecution against believers.

He is considered the godfather of the charismatic movement and was one of the most recognized preachers in the US at the height of his fame. As one of the most well-known and controversial American religious leaders of the 20th century, his preaching emphasized seed-faith. In , he married a preacher's daughter, Evelyn Lutman Fahnestock. Roberts became a traveling faith healer after ending his college studies without a degree. According to a TIME Magazine profile of , Roberts originally made a name for himself with a large mobile tent "that sat 3, on metal folding chairs".

Expect a miracle: my life and ministry ; an autobiography. Pages · · MB · 7, Downloads· English. by Oral Roberts. Preview Download. Convert.

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Expect a miracle : my life and ministry ; an autobiography