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capital and revenue receipts pdf

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The distinction between the nature of capital and revenue expenditure is important as only capital expenditure is included in the cost of fixed asset.

One of the major aspects of preparing a correct financial statement is to distinguish revenue and capital in regard to revenue income, revenue expenditure, revenue payments, revenue profits, and revenue losses of the company with capital income, capital receipts, capital profit, or capital losses. In fact, without differentiating, we cannot think of correctness of a financial statement. Ultimately, it will mislead the end results where no one can conclude anything.

Capital and Revenue Expenditure

In order to know the fair performance and financial standing of a business; the nature of business transactions taking place during the year has to be analyzed. The accounting transactions may be divided into two categories:. Capital items are those items which have long term effects on business, normally more than one year. There are two main types of of capital items; i capital expenditure and ii capital receipt. For example, fixed assets; tangible or intangible assets; land, building, machinery, legal rights, etc are capital items.

Receipts are just the opposites of expenses. But without receipts, there may be no existence of the business. Not all receipts directly increase the profits or decrease the loss. But some affect the profit or loss directly. In this article, we will be talking about capital receipts and revenue receipts. But revenue receipts affect the profit or loss of a company. As an example, we can say that the sale of products, the commission received, etc.

Financial Accounting - Capital and Revenue

DBS Bank Limited. Capital Receipts and Revenue Receipts : Receipts which arise in course of normal business activities are revenue receipts. Back to: Capital and revenue items quizzes Show your love for us by sharing our contents. Unlike capital receipts which can not be used to create reserves, revenue receipts are used to create reserve funds. Explain where each of these incorrectly treated items should have been included in the financial statements. The following Capital and Revenue expenditure worksheet-1 covers all the aspects of Capital and Revenue Expenditure and Receipts.

Capital and Revenue Losses Discount on issue of shares and losses on sale of fixed assets are the capital loss and would be set off against the capital profits only. Legal charges paid for the purchase of factory Wages paid to own staff for constructing new Explain where each of these incorrectly treated items should have been included in the financial statements. Revenue Losses vs Capital Losses ; 2. Capital expenditure 5. Amount received on account of the issue of Nice. Classify the following receipts as either capital receipts or as revenue receipts.

Financial Accounting - Capital and Revenue

Business receipts are inflow of economic resources mostly in the form of cash and cash equivalents. In accounting and finance, they can be divided into two types — capital receipts and revenue receipts. A brief explanation of both the types is given below:. Capital receipts are business receipts which are not related to the day to day business activities of a company. They occur occasionally and provide benefit for a long period of time.

Capital Receipts vs Revenue Receipts | Top 8 Differences

Multiple choice questions MCQs Chhavi sharma. Capital receipts received other than business operations whereas revenue receipts are received from business operations. Bank of Singapore. From the above financial statements identify the capital and revenue expenditure and receipt items which have been treated incorrectly. Deferred Revenue expenditure. Cash discount received while settling a Receipts which are not revenue are capital receipts e. Capital receipt and revenue receipt, both are the very important components of accounting.

Yet, it has exempted certain capital receipts from taxation while certain capital receipts have been taken into ambit of capital receipts chargeable as capital gains e. Revenue receipts are receipts generated by the … Capital and Revenue expenditure… Revenue Receipts: Revenue receipts refer to those receipts which neither create any … Few common examples are receipts from sale of goods and services, discount received from creditors or suppliers, interests earned, dividends received, rent received, commission received, bad-debts recovered, income from other sources, etc. The disposal proceeds of , is a capital receipt as it decreases a non-current asset. Sales commission received from the manufacturer. A system of recording inventory balances after each receipt and issue. Amount received on account of the issue of fresh share capital.

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capital and revenue receipts pdf

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