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Inflation targeting is a monetary policy where a central bank follows an explicit target for the inflation rate for the medium-term and announces this inflation target to the public. The assumption is that the best that monetary policy can do to support long-term growth of the economy is to maintain price stability , and price stability is achieved by controlling inflation. The central bank uses interest rates, its main short-term monetary instrument. An inflation-targeting central bank will raise or lower interest rates based on above-target or below-target inflation, respectively. The conventional wisdom is that raising interest rates usually cools the economy to rein in inflation; lowering interest rates usually accelerates the economy, thereby boosting inflation.

Inflation Targeting

Many economists and central bankers today would agree that you ask a great question! Inflation targeting is a hot topic of discussion at many central banks today.

You might be aware that the goals of monetary policy vary across central banks. The European Central Bank lists price stability as its primary objective. There are also central banks whose monetary policy centers on exchange rate stability. A formal adoption of an inflation target is one way although not the only way to achieve the goal of price stability. The International Monetary Fund defines inflation targeting in the following way 1 :.

This involves the public announcement of medium-term numerical targets for inflation with an institutional commitment by the monetary authority to achieve these targets. Additional key features include increased communication with the public and the markets about the plans and objectives of monetary policymakers and increased accountability of the central bank for attaining its inflation objectives.

Monetary policy decisions are guided by the deviation of forecasts of future inflation from the announced target, with the inflation forecast acting implicitly or explicitly as the intermediate target of monetary policy. Discretionary monetary policies allow policymakers to set monetary policy depending on their assessment of current economic conditions.

Both types of policies have advantages and disadvantages that have been studied by researchers and discussed by monetary policymakers see Meyer Yet, it is important to realize that not everyone views inflation targeting as a strict rule. Bernanke et. So now I understand what inflation targeting is, but what are its costs and benefits?

The fact that not all central banks that state price stability among their goals of monetary policy have chosen an inflation targeting framework is indicative of the fact that it is not clear whether the benefits of inflation targeting exceed its costs. While one obvious benefit of inflation targeting should be lower inflation, inflation has come down worldwide in inflation targeting countries and other countries alike in recent decades.

Many benefits of inflation targeting have been proposed. Chief among these are:. If inflation targeting were implemented as a very strict policy rule which many think it should not be then it could have some serious costs Bernanke et. The adoption of a numerical target for inflation poses many operational questions that policymakers must address. In a speech, Dr.

In principle, the inflation measure chosen should be broad-based, accurate, timely, and familiar to the general public. Also, it might be important to assure the public that the central bank does not manipulate inflation data this can be done by choosing data that is compiled by an agency that is independent of the central bank.

Targeting an inflation rate that is too low or too high could create problems. An inflation target that is too low might lead to higher unemployment Akerlof et.

Of course, no one wants to have an inflation target that is too high either, as inflation costs can be considerable to read more about the costs of inflation, please see my answer of March Horizons of less than one year or greater than four years are likely to be problematic. Monetary policy has considerable lags, and, therefore, is likely to have difficulty affecting inflation over such a short horizon as one year or less. On the other hand, targets that are as distant as four years into the future might not be viewed by the public as being very credible Bernanke et.

Still, there are plenty of time horizon choices within the 1- to 4-year range. Increased communication is likely to better anchor inflation expectations if the public trusts that the central bank will achieve its stated price stability goals.

The public will then price a more-stable expectation of future inflation into contracts and asset prices alternatively, imagine if everyone expected inflation to continually rise — and consequently priced this into contracts. In this way, anchored inflation expectations make it easier for the central bank to keep actual inflation stable, and deliver on its price stability promise.

For ways in which the Fed communicates with the public , a description of the benefits of Fed transparency, as well as some of the limits to transparency, see my postings in June and September The literature on the mechanics, costs, and benefits of inflation targeting is rich.

Also, many Federal Reserve officials have spoken publicly about their opinion on whether the Fed should adopt an inflation targeting regime.

To see which central banks in the world are inflation targeters, see my March posting about the different goals of central banks around the world. This is a rule associated with Milton Friedman, where the money stock needs to grow by a fixed percentage each period, regardless of the state of the economy. Reader Mode Off. High Contrast Off. Reset to Default. Publications What are the costs and benefits of inflation targeting? Should the Fed adopt an inflation targeting monetary policy regime?

March First, what is inflation targeting? The International Monetary Fund defines inflation targeting in the following way 1 : This involves the public announcement of medium-term numerical targets for inflation with an institutional commitment by the monetary authority to achieve these targets.

Chief among these are: Reduced inflation volatility see, for example, Svensson Reduced inflationary impact of shocks see, for example, Mishkin Increased anchoring of inflation expectations see Kohn , Swanson , Levin et. Is inflation targeting easy to implement?

What numerical value should the target have? For further information… The literature on the mechanics, costs, and benefits of inflation targeting is rich. Provided an estimate of the longer-run normal rate of unemployment in the 5. End Notes 1.

Inflation Targeting Pros and Cons

The inflation targeting strategy promotes convergence in forecasting errors. It has observed that the countries that adopted inflation targeting, are getting greater gains then rest of the countries in the world. It has also observed that the countries adopted a numerical inflation target, succeeded in maintaining a low inflation rate. Other most important benefits of using inflation targeting include enhanced public understanding of monetary policy, increased central bank accountability, and an improved state for economic growth. The most important benefit of inflation targeting is that it helps the central banks to maintain low inflation and low inflation eventually promotes long term growth. Some of the numerous benefits of using inflation targeting are as follows:.

The paper finds that the general monetary policy strategy of "forecast targeting" is more suitable for fulfilling the Federal Reserve's dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability than following a simple "instrument" rule such as a Taylor-type rule. Forecast targeting can be used for any of the more specific strategies of annual-inflation targeting, price-level targeting, temporary price-level targeting, average-inflation targeting, and nominal-GDP targeting. These specific strategies are examined and evaluated according to how well they may fulfill the dual mandate, considering the possibilities of a binding effective lower bound for the federal funds rate and a flatter Phillips curve. Nominal-GPD targeting has substantial principal and practical disadvantages and is found to be inferior to the other strategies. Average-inflation targeting is found to have some advantages over the other strategies.

The main advantage of adopting an inflation targeting framework would be to raise the chances of attaining and maintaining a low and stable rate of inflation, with.

Inflation: Dynamics, Expectations, and Targeting

In the years following the GFC, many economies have experienced low inflation rates, both during the years of moderate activity and in periods of recovery. The underlying causes of this phenomenon and the apparent weakening of the relationship between activity and prices against the backdrop of changes in price adjustment dynamics due to global changes such as technological advances and the spread of e-commerce are not fully understood. The COVID crisis exacerbated this downward trend, owing to weak demand, which dominated the initial negative supply shock. Alongside the proximity of policy rates to the effective lower bound, these developments have revived the discussion of the inflation targeting regime — its advantages and disadvantages, and the changes that might be desirable. The conference will devote time both for academic seminar presentations and high-level policy discussions.

Most countries in the world have institutionalized inflation targeting. The central bank is primarily responsible to keep an unfailing focus on inflation. The executive or the elected government has a select committee in most countries keeping a daily tab on fluctuations inflation rates. The legislative, parliamentarians or senators also have policies in the pipeline or as backups to counter uncontrolled inflation. The practice has been in place for almost fifty years now where countries want to keep a check on inflation.

Many economists and central bankers today would agree that you ask a great question! Inflation targeting is a hot topic of discussion at many central banks today. You might be aware that the goals of monetary policy vary across central banks. The European Central Bank lists price stability as its primary objective. There are also central banks whose monetary policy centers on exchange rate stability.

Since the mids, inflation targeting has become widely adopted by developed economies, such as UK, US, and the Eurozone. Inflation targets were introduced to help reduce inflation expectations and help avoid the periods of high inflation which destabilised economies in the s and 80s. However, since the recession of , economists have begun to question the importance attached to inflation targets and are worried that a strict commitment to low inflation can conflict with other more important macroeconomic objectives.

Inflation Targeting

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Inflation Targeting

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Benefits of Inflation Targets. Credibility / Expectations. If an independent Central Bank makes a commitment to keep inflation at 2%, people will tend to have lower inflation expectations. Avoid Boom and Bust. The UK economy has suffered from many 'boom and bust' economic cycles. Costs of Inflation. Clarity.

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Inflation targeting has several advantages as a medium-term strategy for Four of those disadvantages -- that inflation targeting is too rigid, that it allows too.



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