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A Smart Start For Girls

Click on the cover to view the Annual Report. July Centering on Community. June Black Lives Matter. May The Ultimate Caregivers. March Our Favorite Month of the Year. February Listen, Learn, Lead. December Power of WE.

For 10—14 year-olds, we measured violence experienced either in the past 6 months or ever using a different set of questions from those used for 15—22 year-olds. Among 15—22 year-olds we measured prevalence of violence, experienced in the past 12 months, using World Health Organization WHO definitions for violence typologies. Predictors of violence were identified using multivariable logit models. The 10—14 year old girls who engaged in chores or activities for payment in the past 6 months, or whose family did not have enough food due to lack of money were at a greater risk for violence. Among AGYW aged 15—22 years, psychological violence was the most prevalent in the past year Severe physical violence was more prevalent For physical violence, living in Viwandani and being a Muslim were protective; while being previously married or lived with a partner, or sleeping hungry at night during the past 4 weeks were risk factors.

Armenia, Belarus and Thailand were certified in , and Cuba was certified in Achievements such as these help to explain how 2. While there has been progress on coverage of maternal antiretroviral drugs for pregnant women living with HIV, the sustainability of PMTCT services, where there has been over 90 per cent coverage, is critical. Efforts to retain women living with HIV in care after they give birth, including regularly testing them and their children, including during breastfeeding. At the same time, treatment gains for children have not kept up with prevention.

Work and Opportunities for Women

UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. The objective of WOW is that women have access to improved economic opportunities through business interventions in supply chains and economic development programmes. The 5 year programme aims to enhance the economic empowerment of , women working in global value chains and work with 35 economic development programmes to increase the numbers of women beneficiaries by September

girls and young women in developing countries, and how does of France's G7 presidency in In addition, BMZ systematically in project design and implementation. /

Reporting to Authorities: Girls’ and Young Women’s Experiences of Reporting Street Harassment

Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. On April 7, , soon after the end of evening prayers, Sadia, 27, heard her husband calling her to come down to the street.

This commentary synthesizes evidence and expert opinion about PrEP efficacy and implementation for African AGYW, spanning from efficacy trials to emerging data from multiple demonstration projects. Notably, the quantitative measure of risk perception in these trials was based on a single question, which may be insufficient for understanding how women viewed their risk. Women faced many challenges in these studies, including their concerns about receiving a placebo or an investigational drug of unknown efficacy and potential side effects 17 , 18 , 19 ,

Access to sexual and reproductive health SRH information and services is critically important for the health of women, adolescents and their children, and has a ripple effect on the health of society as a whole. Four in five adolescent pregnancies happen within marriage. As a result, they face a greater risk of maternal mortality and are too often denied education and economic opportunity. Population Services International PSI has a proven model to change the conversation around contraception by addressing the contextual challenges that drive adolescent pregnancy in early marriage.

AGYW, sexual and reproductive health, human rights & gender equality

Poor Enforcement of Laws

The Council has conducted research on the causes of child marriage, including traditions, poverty, and a desire to protect daughters. Council research shows that marriage does not protect girls. Married girls are less educated than unmarried girls, they are more likely to face physical and sexual violence, and they engage in frequent, unprotected, and often unwanted sex, which raises their risk for unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Population Council projects are finding the most effective ways to end child marriage and to support married girls. In Africa, Asia, and Latin America, our projects offer families the resources and options they need to delay marriage. We also support married girls by addressing their isolation and giving them vital health information. Our Berhane Hewan project in Ethiopia is one of the first rigorously evaluated projects with the explicit objective of increasing the age at marriage, and one of the first to provide evidence of program effectiveness.

In Southern Africa, gender-based violence against women and girls VAWG is a serious and widespread violation of human rights. Women and girls are severely restricted in their access to social, political and economic life. The prevalence of VAWG in these countries is high by international comparison. Furthermore, it is widely accepted in society. In particular, domestic violence at the hands of a partner is encouraged by the prevailing social norms. At the same time, the institutional capacities for implementing and coordinating violence-prevention schemes have not yet been sufficiently expanded.

Standing Committee for promoting Women in Science Women in India face several challenges in moving up the academic and administrative ladder due to systemic barriers and structural factors. Gender equality in scientific laboratories and institutions of higher education is not only about numbers but also about various micro and macro level factors operating at institutional level. There exist various policies and enabling environment in different institutions in India but a common approach or guiding principles to bridge the gender gap is still lacking. This clearly demonstrates a need for multi stakeholder interventions. While gender equality in science is an important consideration, it is also in the larger interest of scientific progress and society. The challenges faced by them are several but most often the "break in career" arises out of motherhood and family responsibilities.

When we do, everyone wins. Because when one girl finds her power to make different choices that change her life, it inspires others to do so too. She starts a ripple effect that impacts her family, her community, her country.

The assessment of the proposals submitted under this call has concluded and applicants have been informed of their results. For notification of calls, please subscribe to our RSS feed. You can access calls , get a heads-up on upcoming calls, and view closed calls and results from past calls. Proposals sought under this call will adopt a feminist and sustainable approach to improve the health, human rights and well-being of diverse groups of women, adolescent girls and children.

Girls' Attitudes Survey

The NIMH encourages multidisciplinary research projects to examine biological, social, cultural and behavioral contributions of sex and gender influences on mental health and illness e. Research is needed to identify biomarkers and behavioral indicators that predict risk trajectories of mental illness. Additionally, translational research is needed that applies recent basic research discoveries and identifies opportunities to advance clinical research and mental health services research.

Women and girls, everywhere, must have equal rights and opportunity, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. In short, all the SDGs depend on the achievement of Goal 5. For example, discriminatory laws need to change and legislation adopted to proactively advance equality.

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DREAMS: Partnership to Reduce HIV/AIDS in Adolescent Girls and Young Women

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STEP UP THE FIGHT Since , the Global Fund has been supporting the SASA! project focused on adolescent girls and young women in two provinces.

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Adolescent girls' and young women's knowledge and experience of On 31 December , the World Health Organization (WHO) was formally out to the Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention women-less-than-men-​, accessed July

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girls and young women requires a combination also disproportionately affects girls and women, but Projects offering voluntary PrEP to HIV-negative to (). (