Employee Welfare And Safety Measures Project Reports Pdf

employee welfare and safety measures project reports pdf

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Published: 23.05.2021

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Employee Welfare

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Published in: Food. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Xavi Hassan. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Drashti shah Mr. Manish Bhatt Assist. Professor Marketing executive Submitted by Ms. Richa brahmbhatt Enrollment No. I also certify further, that to the best of my knowledge the work reported herein does not form part of any other project report or dissertation on the basis of which a degree or award was conferred on an earlier occasion on this or any other candidate.

Kapadia Director 4. The basic purpose behind doing this project report is to get knowledge and to get the practical experience of working in human resource and it is a link between theory and actual management of human resource at Sumul. The project report start with the basic concepts of health, safety and welfare, meaning of health, safety and welfare and covers the general information of employee satisfaction level of health, safety and welfare and in this report the signs of improvement are visible in some indicators under the satisfaction level of employee.

The information presented in this project report is obtained from sources like Sumul personnel, websites, other websites, questionnaire, past report and other literature. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I am highly indebted to Mrs. I would like to express my special gratitude and thanks to industry persons for giving me such attention and time. My thanks and appreciations also go to my college in developing the project and people who have willingly helped me out with their abilities.

Employee satisfaction level towards health, safety and welfare is the terminology used to describe whether employees are happy and satisfied with the current health, safety and welfare policy used by organization. Many measures declare that employee satisfaction level in health, safety and welfare is a factor in employee motivation, employee goal achievement, and positive employee morale in the workplace. Health, safety and welfare are important for the any organization for the employees betterment and with the help of this benefits organization can increase productivity.

In factory act there are some benefits that is include in health measures like cleanliness, ventilation and temperature control, dust and fumes, drinking water etc. Sumul dairy provides leave policy, training for handling any kind of things, first aid treatment for the workers and employees. Some factors that also satisfied by the workers like training before handling difficult machine and some are not satisfied to the worker like transport facility.

This report conducted Sample size of this survey would be respondents. Through primary data, and gathered the information though out non probabilistic convenience sampling method was used to collect the responses about employees health, safety, and welfare measures. Here, factor analysis is used which help to deduct the factors into the small components.

In factor analysis there are 7 components. They are the variable constituting welfare facility, comfort area, working environment, health facility, necessities, policy, and safety policy.

From the analysis it can be concluded that Sumul is providing most of the health, safety and welfare measures 7. Particulars Page No. Introduction 1 2. Industry Profile 11 a. Global b. National c. State d. Current trends f. Major Players g. Major Offerings 15 18 20 23 26 27 30 3. Company Profile 31 a. Company Profile b. Organogram c. SWOT e. Market Position 31 35 36 39 40 4. Review of Literature 41 5. Research Methodology 48 a.

Problem Statement b. Research Objective c. Research Design i. Type of Design ii. Sampling iii. Limitations of the Study 48 48 48 48 49 49 49 6. Conclusions and Recommendations 88 8.

Bibliography 89 Annexure 91 8. Particulars Table No. Page No. The study on effect of health, safety and welfare an indication of the level of satisfaction among the employees regarding the general working condition and the other facilities provided by the organization.

This helps the management to know the general morale of the employees. Occupational safety is concerned with risks in areas where people work; offices, manufacturing plants, farms, construction sites, and commercial and retail facilities, public safety is concerned with hazards in the home, in travel and recreation and in other situations that do not fall within the scope of occupational safety.

When all basic facilities are provided and employees obtain satisfaction then the productivity can be increased and development of the organization will be possible. It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers.

It extended the age limits for the medical examination of persons entering factory employment, while also including male workers in the regulations for providing seats and issuing extensive new building regulations. Under the legislation, young persons under the age of eighteen became subject to medical examination not only on entry to the place of work, but annually thereafter.

Certificates of fitness were also made a requirement for young people employed in the loading, unloading and coaling of ships and other kinds of work in ships or wet dock, engineering construction and building operations as well as for factory employees.

Disposal of wastes effluents-sec 12 Effective arrangements shall be made in every factory for the treatment of wastes and effluents due to the manufacturing process carried on therein, so as to render them innocuous and for their disposal. Dust and fumes-sec 14 In every factory in which, by reason of the manufacturing process carried on, there is given off any dust or fume or other impurity of such a nature and to such an extent as is likely to be injurious or offensive to the workers employed therein, or any dust in substantial quantities, effective measures shall be taken to prevent its inhalation and accumulation in any workroom, and if any exhaust appliance is necessary for this purpose ,it shall be applied as near as possible to the point of the dust, fume or other impurity, and such point shall be enclosed so far as possible.

Lighting-sec 17 In every part of a factory where workers are working or passing there shall be provided and maintained sufficient and suitable lighting, natural or artificial, or both. Drinking water- sec 18 In every factory effective arrangements shall be made to provide and maintain at suitable points conveniently situated for all workers employed therein a sufficient supply of wholesome drinking water.

B Separate enclosed accommodation shall be provided for male and female workers. Work on near machinery in motion- sec 22 Where in any factory it becomes necessary to examine any part of machinery referred to in section , with the machinery is in motion or ,as a result of such examination to carry out- a In a case referred to in clause1 of the provision of sub section of section 21, lubrication or other adjusting operation b In a case referred to in clause 2 of the provision a foresaid, any mounting or shipping of belts or lubrication or other adjusting operation.

Self-acting machines — sec 25 No traversing part of a acting machine in any factory and no material carried thereon shall, if the space over which it runs is a space over which any person is liable to pass, whether in the course of his employment or otherwise, be allowed to run on its outwards or inwards traverse within a distance forty five centimeters from any fixed structure which is not part of the machine.

Casing of new machinery- sec 26 In all machinery driven by power and installed in any factory after the commencement of this act, a Every set screw, bolt or key on any revolving shaft, spindle, wheel or pinion shall be so sunk, encased or otherwise effectively guarded as to prevent danger b All spur, worm and other toothed or friction gearing which does not require frequent adjustment while in motion shall be completely encased, unless it is so situated as to be as safe as it would be if were be if were completely encased.

Hoist and lifts-sec 28 Every hoist and lift shall be- A Of good mechanical construction, sound material and adequate strength; B Properly maintained and shall be thoroughly examined by a competent person at least once in every period of six months, and a register shall be kept containing the prescribed particular of every such examination; Facilities for storing and drying clothing —sec 43 The state government, may in respect of any factory or class or description of factories make rules requiring the provision therein of suitable place for keeping clothing not worn during working hours and the drying of wet clothing.

Facilities for sitting-sec 44 In every factory suitable arrangement for sitting shall be provided and maintained for all workers obliged to work in a standing position , in order that they may take advantage of any opportunities for rest which may occurs in the course of their work. First —aid appliances- sec 45 There shall, in every factory, be provided and maintained so as to be readily accessible during all working hours first-aid boxes or cupboards equipped with the prescribed contents, and the number of such boxes or cupboards to be provided and maintained shall not be less than one for every one hundred and fifty workers ordinarily employed at any one time in the factory.

A Study on Employee Safety and Welfare Measures Project Synopsis

At Unipatch Rubber Limited Gwalior. Project Report Submitted To. Kunal Bhattacharya. He has worked under our guidance and direction. The said report is based on bonafide information.

Project Health and Safety Measures of Employee

Due to rapid industrialization, industrial workers are exposed to several types of hazards and accidents. Every year lakhs of workers are injured due to mechanical, chemical, electrical and radiation hazards and it leads to partial or total disablement. So in recent years, greater attention is given to health and safety due to pressure from government, trade unions, labour laws and awareness of employers. The efficiency of workers depends to a great extends on the environment in which the work.

Employee welfare means anything done for the comfort and intellectual or social improvement of the employees, over and above the wages paid. These facilities may be provided voluntarily by progressive entrepreneurs, or statutory provisions may compel them to provide these amenities; or these may be undertaken by the government or trade unions, if they have the required funds. Introduction and Meaning of Employee Welfare 2. Concept of Employee Welfare 3.

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A Project Report on Labour Welfare and Safety

It was the above opportunity to do a Summer Project in a choice of Industry that motivated Researcher to study and make this black book explaining the findings during the research work done in Human Resource Department in Mazagon Dock Limited MDL , Mumbai. Researcher would like to thank Industry Guides, Institute Guide and all those seen and unseen hands and heads, which have been direct or indirect help in the successful completion of the data collection and write-up of this book. The basic objective behind the study was to learn the implementation of the Health, Safety and Welfare activities in a factory premises. Mazagon Dock Limited is one of the organizations which have a very good system and track record of managing such provisions effectively and efficiently. The very logic behind providing Health, Safety and Welfare schemes Other than what is stated in the Labour Law is to create efficient, healthy, loyal and satisfied labor force for the organization.

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Safety and Health Management System


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Wellbeing and Welfare is the principle sympathy toward the representatives.