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Prospective memory is a form of memory that involves remembering to perform a planned action or recall a planned intention at some future point in time. Examples of highly important situations include a patient remembering to take medication or a pilot remembering to perform specific safety procedures during a flight. In contrast to prospective memory, retrospective memory involves remembering people , events, or words that have been encountered in the past.

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Depressive disorders have been linked to a variety of neuropsychological deficits, including in the areas of processing speed, memory, and executive functioning. These neurocognitive disturbances may contribute to the impairments in daily functioning often experienced by those suffering with depression. Prospective memory PM , which refers to remembering to execute a previously formed intention at some point in the future, has been shown to play a critical role in daily functioning and may be particularly relevant in the context of depression.

Prospective Memory

Despite the prevalence of everyday memory failures, little is known about which specific types have the strongest impact on everyday life, and whether their impact changes across adulthood. An investigation of memory failures at different ages is particularly informative to disentangle the age paradox in prospective memory, which seems to suggest that remembering to perform intended actions in everyday life improves with age. Therefore, 58 young adults, 40 middle-aged adults, and 54 elderly adults recorded their memory failures as and when they occurred during a 7-day period, and described how serious and consequential they were. Failures were coded into several subcategories of retrospective memory, prospective memory, and absent-minded lapses. It was prospective memory lapses that were overall the most common, serious and consequential ones. Young adults had substantially more prospective memory failures than the elderly and middle-aged adults who did not differ from each other.

Prospective memory is critical to everyday functioning and can be vulnerable to distraction. We conducted an experiment to explore whether we could buffer prospective memory against distraction. For half the participants, we preexposed stimuli that were later designated as prospective memory targets. Then, all participants performed an ongoing task in which the prospective memory task was embedded under standard and high attentional demand i. Target preexposure improved prospective memory and eliminated the significant divided attention effect. Thus, target preexposure seems to buffer prospective memory against the disruptive effect of dividing attention.

Target preexposure eliminates the effect of distraction on event-based prospective memory

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Monitoring in Prospective Memory Attentional Monitoring Preparatory Attentional Prospective Memory: An Overview and Synthesis of an Emerging Field.

Prospective Memory: An Overview and Synthesis of an Emerging Field

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Featuring contributions from world-leading experts, this book presents a timely overview of current theoretical, methodological, and applied issues in the field of prospective memory. The authors explore how prospective memories are formed, how they are maintained over time, and how they are retrieved. This volume integrates our understanding of prospective memory and how it functions with related cognitive processes and themes, such as context memory, metamemory, working memory, and cognitive control. Considering recent methodological advances in the field, such as the use of cognitive modeling, the book also covers individual differences in prospective memory abilities, their development across the life span, and their manifestations in naturalistic settings.

While there are many books on retrospective memory, or remembering past events, Prospective Memory: An Overview and Synthesis of an Emerging Field is the first authored text to provide a straightforward and integrated foundation to the scientific study of memory for actions to be performed in the future. Authors Mark A. McDaniel and Gilles O.

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Request PDF | Prospective Memory: An Overview and Synthesis of an Emerging Field | While there are many books on retrospective memory, or remembering.

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Realization of delayed intentions ; Remembering to remember.

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