Tricks To Solve Ratio And Proportion Problems Pdf

tricks to solve ratio and proportion problems pdf

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Find the fourth proportional to 5, 8, Question Two numbers are in the ratio of 3 : 5.

A Ratio is the relation between two quantities of the same kind. Make sure you understand the question that is asked 2.


So the aspirant should create an in-depth understanding about the concept of Ratio, Proportion and Variation'. Application of Ratio and Variation are broadly expanded in all the other Quantitative Topics. Hence it is a mandatory required topic for your serious preparation for the exams. In this article we provide important formulas, shortcuts and tricks to solve aptitude questions on ratio and proportion with help of examples. For example; if the salaries of Ajay and Bhavan are Rs. Then we can say that their respective salaries are in the ratio of Here 5 and 6 are most relatively simplified representation of the original values and , or 5 and 6 are the relatively prime numbers doesn't have any common factors other than 1 which are the factors of the given values.

Ratio and Proportion shortcut tricks are very important thing to know for your exams. Time takes a huge part in competitive exams. If you manage your time then you can do well in those exams. Most of us miss this thing. Few examples on Ratio and Proportion shortcuts Advertisement is given in this page below.

Find the measures of the three angles of this triangle. I usually print these questions as an A5 booklet and issue them in class or give them out as a homework. A low inventory turnover ratio is dangerous. So that you can easily get the logic of question. In every exam you will get at least questions from this topic.

Ratio and Proportion | Formulas, Tricks, Examples, How to Solve them?

Finding the missing value in a proportion is much like finding the missing value for two equal fractions. There are three main methods for determining whether two fractions or ratios are equivalent. Are these two ratios equivalent? Since the numerator and denominator are related by multiplying or dividing by 2 , we know these two ratios are equivalent. Since the numerators are related by multiplying or dividing by 3 to each other and the denominators are related to each other, we know these two ratios are equivalent. All three methods work for every problem, but often one method is easier to use than the others. Always watch for the easiest method to use!

So that you can easily get the logic of question. In every exam you will get at least questions from this topic. Ratio is a quantity which represents the relationship between two similar quantities. It expresses a magnitude by which quantity is multiple of another one. Here, numerator i. If antecedent is more than the consequent, then it is known as improper ratio and if less ,then it is known as proper ratio.

Starting your preparation for competitive exams!! Check the most important concept of aptitude here i. Ratio and Proportion are the topics which we use in our day to day life but never concentrate on them theoretically. When it comes to a matter of tests regarding aptitude or something, we need to formulate them to get the required solution for a respective problem. You will even be surprised to know that it is one of the important topics for you to score in some competitive exams.

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Shortcut 1 :. When two ratios are equal, they are said to be in proportion. Example :. Shortcut 2 :.

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Ratio and Proportion – Introduction

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If you would like to have the above shortcuts on ratio and proportion as pdf document,. Please click here Solving word problems in trigonometry · Pythagorean.