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singular and plural nouns lesson plan pdf

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All stories and games compatible with all devices, iPad, Android, Chromebook There are two singular or plural lesson plans below.

lesson plans singular and plural

Your Email Address. All rights reserved. Cooperative Learning Structure: Kagan Chapter 10 Mastery Structures: Pairs-Check Rationale for selecting this structure: I selected this cooperative learning structure because the lesson provided a worksheet the children had to do in class and I wanted them to work on it alone then discuss it with a classmate. Vocabulary: 1.

Pairs- Check- students will begin working individually then will help each other as needed and check work. The student teacher will walk around and check the work too praising correct answers. Plural nouns- The part of speech that is used to name more than one person, place, thing, or idea and can function as the subject or object of a verb.

TEKS: 2. The objectives for this lesson are that the students will complete the worksheet inidvidually and discuss answers with a peer. The students will make a list of singular nouns for a board game that will be drawn. The purpose of the game is after each student rolls the dice he or she will change the singular noun to a plural noun and use it in a complete sentence. All of the sentences will be written on a sheet of paper. The game will end when every student has made it to the last word.

Materials: pencils, paper, worksheet, markers, maker board, poster paper, dice, game pieces References: Farr, R. Harcourt language 2nd Level. Harcourt, Inc. Kagan, S. Cooperative Learning. San Clemente, California: Kagan. I will begin the lesson by asking the students to tell me what a plural noun is. We began this unit about plural nouns before spring break so this is a way to review. I will ask for examples of plural nouns from students. I will write singular and plural nouns on the board in random order.

Students will volunteer to come to the board and change singluar to plural nouns and plural to singular nouns. I will ask for students as a group to think of a sentence with a plural noun in it.

I will write this sentence on the board. The student of the day will pass out the worksheet. Students will begin working in the pairs- check structure. I will explain to students they will begin the worksheet individually and the coach on the team will compare answers.

If both pairs do not agree they will raise their hands for the teacher to help. The partners will then switch and keep working as before and continue with checking their answers as they did earlier. If the team agrees on answers then the whole team will celebrate with high fives. The accomodations for this third grade classon a language two level will be extended time to change singular to plural nouns and write the sentence.

If a student does not know the correct spelling they may look it up on the classroom spell finder or ask another student. Checking For Understanding:. The assessment will be reading the sentence and checking the students plural noun spelling. If the student changed the noun from singular to plural correctly on his or her own they will stay on the square they rolled but if their answer is incorrect the student will move back to the square they landed on before.

After the game every student will turn in their sentences and worksheets. The entire class will review the singular nouns used during the game and discuss the changes in spelling from singluar to plural that were difficult for students.

Students may ask any questions about singluar or plural nouns. Each student improved with the pair-check structure. This was evident by the students comparing answers and checking with the team if they did not agree. One student missed the lesson on plural nouns before spring bread with the introductory words and sentences he was able to understand what we were doing and then the game enabled him to understand the spelling changes in plural nouns. Teacher Reflections:. This lesson went better than I expected because I was unsure how students would work together in a team.

The students work in pairs but I did not know how they would act in a team. Everyone did their work and enjoyed comparing answers and discussing their work. The game was fun and no one took advantage of the time gap waiting for a student to write their sentences.

Each student patiently waited to hear a student's sentence and there were suprisingly no behavior problems. This group of students in the special education resource classroom for second level Language tends to have problems with limited concentration, stemming, rocking, and excessive talking or noises. The discussion surrounding the worksheet and game kept every student interested and involved for this forty-five minute lesson.

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Singular and Plural Nouns

My most recent pure beginner students two young native German speakers , began expressing nouns in the singular and plural around the time they became comfortable with basic present simple sentences. Nonetheless, it was soon time to solidify the concept of singular-plural nouns by using our singular plural lesson plan. The focus of our singular plural lesson plan is to give your students practice with the different endings that nouns take in the plural. Of course, we begin with a warm up of the basics of singular and plural nouns adding -s to nouns to create plurals : As mentioned, most of your students even if they are beginners , will be comfortable with the simple basics of adding -s to nouns in order to pluralize them. This is a good opportunity to solidify the concept before moving on to nouns that take different endings. Since this is an introductory lesson we use a very image-rich approach and try to focus on common nouns used in everyday speech.

Singular or Plural Lesson Plan (adding ‘s’)

Most plural nouns in English are regular. That means you can simply add -s or -es to make them plural. However some plural nouns are irregular. They do not follow the simple rules of adding -s or -es. They follow different rules or they do not follow any rules at all, so you need to remember each of them.

I refresh students' memories from the previous lesson on common nouns and proper nouns by again playing the short Brainpop video on nouns because it also explains singular and plural nouns. We don't take the quiz today. Click here to watch video. I explain plural nouns name more than 1 person, place, thing, or idea.

More Than One

Singular Plural Lesson Plan – How to Teach

Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. Print all upper- and lowercase letters b. Use common, proper, and possessive nouns. Use singular and plural nouns with matching verbs in basic sentences e.

Your Email Address. All rights reserved. Cooperative Learning Structure: Kagan Chapter 10 Mastery Structures: Pairs-Check Rationale for selecting this structure: I selected this cooperative learning structure because the lesson provided a worksheet the children had to do in class and I wanted them to work on it alone then discuss it with a classmate.

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PREPARED BY: Manal Muhamad Alwi SUBJECT: English (ESL) TOPIC: Singular and Plural nouns LEVEL: Beginners AGE: 8/10 years old STUDENTS.

How to Identify and Use Singular and Plural Nouns

Are all nouns the same?

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Singular and Plural Nouns Lesson Plan

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Singular nouns name only one person, place, thing, or idea. (student, school, toy, lesson, dress). • These nouns stay Use a plural noun when more than one noun is named. o Today we will have many People. Places. Things and ideas.

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change singular nouns to plural nouns,. 4. write a story based on pictures using helping words. Resources. (Preparation to be done before the lesson).

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Children practice reading and writing about more than one object in this grammar lesson all about plural nouns.

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Description This series of short lessons will show students the written forms of plural words they should have familiarity with, in oral form from previous grades.