Owen Logic And Metaphysics In Some Earlier Works Of Aristotle Pdf

owen logic and metaphysics in some earlier works of aristotle pdf

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Journal of the History of Philosophy

The article discusses three current interpretations of this terminology. These are drawn along the lines of, respectively, modal-existential ontological dependence, essential ontological dependence, and grounding or metaphysical explanation. Keywords: Aristotle , ontological dependence , grounding , substance , metaphysical explanation , Categories , Metaphysics. For example, the ontology of the Categories is arguably structured by dependence relations. The discussions of demonstration in the Posterior Analytics and causation in the Physics draw heavily on kindred notions of explanation. A key question raised in the De Anima arguably is whether any part of the soul is independent of the body.

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Ontological Dependence and Grounding in Aristotle

Theory and History of Ontology by Raul Corazzon e-mail: rc ontology. Ontology - Mirror Website. Irwin, Terence H. It is often assumed that the conditions are different, but that they both reflect differences in the senses of words. While the Wittgensteinian arguments about family resemblance are arguments against essentialism, Aristotle's arguments are a defence of essentialism.

Report Download. Spriggs InteLex Corporation P. These texts are part of the Past Masters series. This series is an attempt to collect the most important texts in the history of philosophy, both in original language and English translation if the original language is other English. All Greek has been transliterated and is delimited with the term tag.

Aristotle and Existence

Access options available:. Owen has returned to some of the same problems he dealt with earlier in a different context in his famous essay on "Logic and Metaphysics in Some Earlier Works of Aristotle. The general comments on this topic which Owen makes would deserve a long discussion.

The Logic of Being pp Cite as. Aristotle was one of those who denied this. In his view, to be was to be something or other.

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Owen, G. E. L. - Logic and Metaphysics in Some Earlier Works of Aristotle

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