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To describe postoperative surgical success of either Ahmed or Baerveldt tube shunt implantation for eyes with medically uncontrolled traumatic glaucoma. A review was carried out to identify patients with traumatic glaucoma that required tube shunt implantation between and at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Seventeen eyes from 17 patients met inclusion criteria, including at least 3-month postoperative follow-up.

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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Chief Complaint: Worsening vision and progressive corneal ectasia in a patient with keratoconus. History of Present Illness: A year-old male with keratoconus was referred for progressive corneal ectasia and worsening visual acuity. Initial management included spectacle correction, but progression of his disease required correction with rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

The patient was unable to work because of poor vision. Glasses did not provide adequate correction and he was intolerant of contact lenses, particularly in the right eye in which the lens continued to pop out despite the best possible fit. The patient was referred to the University of Iowa Cornea Service for consideration of surgical intervention.

Penetrating keratoplasty is a well-studied and long established surgery for the treatment of corneal disease such as keratoconus. However, replacement of donor endothelium makes host rejection of the graft more likely. Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty has been proposed as an excellent alternative to penetrating keratoplasty for corneal diseases that do not affect the endothelium. DALK preserves native endothelium and reduces host immune system reaction and graft rejection.

In a recent study of outcomes using the "big bubble" technique, only 2 of 78 patients developed stromal rejection. However, the same study reported slightly better visual outcomes at 2 and 4 year in the PK group. Median spherical equivalent for DALK was Median spherical equivalent for PKP was Complication rates were similar between the two surgeries, however, this was noted to be dependent on the skill of the surgeon. The encountered complications were less serious in the DALK group.

Consequently, DALK has been scheduled for the left eye. Keratoconus KCN is a progressive, non-inflammatory ectatic corneal disorder. It is commonly bilateral.

The disease progresses throughout the second and third decades of life. Its etiology is unknown. Degradative enzymes in the cornea have been shown to be elevated in KCN with a concurrent down regulation of proteinase inhibitors. Microtrauma, possibly from eye-rubbing and contact lens wear, has been suggested as a contributor to keratoconus. Keratoconus is associated with collagen disorders such as Ehlers-Danlos and Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Discordance between dizygotic and monozygotic twin studies suggest a genetic role in the development of KCN.

A family history of KCN is common, as was the case with our patient and his affected father. The disease is multifactorial in origin. Many gene loci have been implicated in the development of KCN. These include loci in the chromosomal regions 2p24, 6 3pq13, 7 5q Also identified by affected-only linkage analysis, indicating multifactorial transmission, are the chromosome regions 4q31, 5q31, 9q34, 12p12, 14p11, 17q24 and 20q All layers of the cornea appear to be affected.

Ferritin deposition in the basal epithelial cells Fleischer ring is a hallmark of the disease, and as ectasia progresses this ring becomes dense and narrow. Areas of clearing in the stroma are typical. Keratocyte density is decreased. Thinning of the stroma allows the cornea to take on a more conical shape, usually with the apex of this cone just inferior to the central visual axis. As a result, patients experience mild to severe impairment of visual acuity from irregular astigmatism. The diagnosis is made clinically.

Patients will have high, irregular astigmatism with scissoring seen on retinoscopy. Keratometry shows corneal steepening, commonly inferior. The red reflex may be abnormal. Web Privacy Policy Nondiscrimination Statement. American Journal of Ophthalmology ; Comparison of deep lamellar keratoplasty and penetrating keratoplasty in patients with keratoconus, Ophthalmology ;— Eye, , advance online publication PMID: Corneal endothelium and postoperative outcomes 15 years after penetrating keratoplasty.

Feder RS, Kshettry P. Chapter Cornea, Volume I. Fundamentals, Diagnosis and Management. St Louis: Elsevier Mosby, Identification of a new locus for isolated familial keratoconus at 2p J Med Genet. A locus for autosomal dominant keratoconus maps to human chromosome 3p14—q Genomewide linkage scan in a multigeneration Caucasian pedigree identifies a novel locus for keratoconus on chromosome 5q Genet Med.

A locus for autosomal dominant keratoconus: linkage to 16q Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. Two-stage genome-wide linkage scan in keratoconus sib pair families.

Identity-by-descent approach to gene localisation in eight individuals affected by keratoconus from north-west Tasmania, Australia. Hum Genet. K; Rootman, D; Vincent, A. M; Chow, R. L; McInnes, R. VSX1 mutational analysis in a series of Italian patients affected by keratoconus: detection of a novel mutation. A year clinical and epidemiologic study of keratoconus. Am J Ophthalmol. Does ethnic origin influence the incidence or severity of keratoconus? Download printer-friendly version. Pros: Established technique with good long-term data Potential for best corrected visual acuity Less surgical skill required Cons: Greater risk for graft rejection Greater post operative astigmatism Greater loss of endothelial cells.

Pros: Retention of healthy host endothelium Decreased rate of graft rejection Less astigmatism Less severe surgical complications Cons: Longer and more difficult surgery Slightly poorer visual acuity post operatively No long-term follow-up studies.

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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Chief Complaint: Worsening vision and progressive corneal ectasia in a patient with keratoconus. History of Present Illness: A year-old male with keratoconus was referred for progressive corneal ectasia and worsening visual acuity. Initial management included spectacle correction, but progression of his disease required correction with rigid gas permeable contact lenses. The patient was unable to work because of poor vision.

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Surgical Management of Keratoconus:

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Optical coherence tomography in anterior segment imaging. PubMed Central. Purpose To evaluate the ability of optical coherence tomography OCT , designed primarily to image the posterior segment, to visualize the anterior chamber angle ACA in patients with different angle configurations. Methods In a prospective observational study, the anterior segments of 26 eyes of 26 patients were imaged using the Zeiss Stratus OCT, model

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Arizona State University. Phoenix, AZ disease, or a racial background known to confer higher rates of glaucoma. It is currently 3 mm to direct the posterior segment into the suprachoroidal space. index of activities and identified searching for objects, reading, and manual tasks (placing a stick Letter to the editor ".

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