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I'd heard a little about the game, but never had the chance to give it a go until recently. Zweihander considers itself a retroclone of Warhammer Fantasy 1st Edition, and if you were listening to me earlier, it'll be clear to you why this is 1 for me. First off, the book is huge.

ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG: Revised Core Rulebook

By Daniel D. It includes:. The Gamemaster called a GM will impose dramatic, tense situations upon players using intrigue, dangerous fights, the perils of the wilderness, heart-pumping chase scenes and more. These are the foundation of this book, as any one of them can prove lethal in very different ways.

These challenges frame the drama of the adventure. As the GM calls upon you to mold the flow of events, you roll the dice to determine success or failure. Most readers will already be familiar with tabletop role-playing games and how they work. For the uninitiated, a role-playing game is basically a story or adventure, otherwise an organized, cooperative game of pretend called a game session.

In essence, you and your friends share an interactive story where your choices drive the action, drama and suspense by taking on the role of someone else. You resolve actions during the game session using dice to determine whether choices were successful or not. But a role-playing game is much more than just a series of arbitrations between numbers on a sheet of paper or a puzzle of arithmetic to be plotted out and solved.

The lifeblood of your game will be expressed through role-playing, subtlety and complexity, for which dice alone are woefully inadequate. Personalities within the game will be comprised of moral strengths and flaws; in other styles of game, the rewards for success are based on successfully manipulating situations confronted towards the former and away from the latter.

The strength of your game will not be in the overcoming of obstacles, but frequently in the act of simply facing them. Their spirit is as crucial as the dread they face; after all, the darkest recess is always found just outside the range of the flickering candle. The system and its game mechanics are written to describe a motif of brutal violence, political intrigue, profane sorcery and unimaginable horrors from beyond.

Disease runs rampant throughout cities. Towering asylums upon the edge of civilization ring with the howls of the demented and damned. Tales of twisted monstrosities are whispered in firelight, talk of an all-consuming chaos that rests below the earth and beyond the stars. It slumbers until stirred by intrepid fools, or waits lurking in the deepening shadows of a nearby alley, biding its time.

Villainy lies within the hearts of women and men, who engage in all manner of violence and deceit in the name of progress.

It is a world where the upright perish, the unjust linger and grim attitudes rule. People live in a state of decay and paranoia, scrambling to keep what little has been afforded them by the higher social classes. The gods are petty and quick to anger; their fickle gifts bestowed upon a vexing few. Those who call themselves priests are often venal charlatans, consumed by the very sins they preach against.

Far from the prying eyes of others, sorcerers risk their sanity and their souls to harness the mysterious power of cosmic disorder by striking Faustian bargains with gods, diabolical servants and other less palatable entities. All of these terrible things manifest into Corruption both a thematic element and a game mechanic ; a world-eating blackness that can utterly twist its victims both physically and spiritually.

While these rules can support that style of play, death is almost a certainty. Creatures are incredibly dangerous and rarely taken down without lasting wounds. You and your friends will share an interactive story where you drive the action, drama and suspense by taking on the role of someone else.

Players are actors within the shared story, portraying their Character using first and third person perspectives during a game session. Active role-playing means a player declaring things as if they were their Character, such as, I march across the chamber to skewer the highwayman, declaring loudly FIE! Descriptive role-playing means a player describe the actions their Character is engaging in, such as, Wilhelm marches across the chamber to attack the highwayman, shouting a battle cry.

These decisions drive the challenges, resolved by using dice to test success and failure. The GM presents the world Characters live within. They act as the narrator of this world, keeping things organized, authoring the challenges within the adventure, providing exposition and portraying the other personas and creatures called a non-player Character or NPC. Additionally, the GM makes up details and information about the setting and those within it. They also serve as referee to the decisions players make as their Characters, promoting fairness and fun in equal measure.

The GM will adjudicate the results of dice rolls and produce a narrative that encapsulates what the Characters are experiencing. And when the interpretation of rules is called for, the GM is responsible for making the final decision.

Veteran GMs will likely develop a lengthy story arc known as a campaign , which is a malleable blueprint that highlights the themes, people and places within game sessions while allowing the aforementioned elements to be molded by the choices players make with their Characters.

Oftentimes, they will even create their own persistent campaign worlds , further immersing themselves and the players within its deep and robustly imaginative framework.

One rule above all others is held in the highest regard around the gaming table — have a good time! This means that the GM and players should never let the rules prevent the story from moving forward. If for some reason you or the GM have forgotten a specific rule, ignore it and look it up later. Stopping the game to find the exact language or even argue about its interpretation only creates frustration around the table. Above all else, a role-playing game is a cooperative game, with an agreement between the players and the GM that they will play fairly, placing fun above all else.

And while the GM has the final say on how all rules play out, you should be mindful of your choices and discuss any issues you may have with a particular mechanic or interpretation outside of the game session.

Save discussion of the point for the end of the game session or the beginning of the next. Additionally, dice rolls alone do not solely dictate how the story plays out.

Dice add an element of random chance to the game. It may create moments of excitement as you succeed at a difficult challenge to overcome some deadly obstacle. Other times, it can be exceedingly harsh, as when a dice roll results in the death of a Character. While dice add a threatening element of chance to the game that may be beneficial or ruinous, the narrative, story and role-play should be the core focus. In fact, the game is designed to offer the most rewards for doing just that!

However, our play examples will typically reference the gendered pronoun appropriate to the gender of the player or their Character. Feel free to select them piecemeal or ignore them completely and create your own elements. Take a moment, let yourself go and envision how your story might unfold:. Will it be an epic struggle between the roving adherents of disorder and a noble empire of scattered provinces?

Will it be a dark meditation on real-world ethnic cleansing and land grabs in foreign countries between fantasy races? Will it explore a perilous frontier of scattered city-states, entrenched in localized sorties between petty warlords?

Will it be a sacred pilgrimage that takes its adherents through a terrible and strange land during a cataclysmic apocalypse, testing their faith as the world crumbles around them? Will it be a world replete with backstabbers, schemers, sycophants and money-grubbing petty nobles vying for power while the tides of Magick have begun to arise once more? Will it be a story of a realm riven by civil war, where corrupt noble houses attempt to unify their people beneath the banner of monotheism?

Will it be a survival horror game, where Characters either race toward madness or simply try to survive the onslaught of unimaginably terrifying entities from beyond the stars? Will it be a game set in a desperate region stuck in the throes of feudalism, ruled beneath a corrupt monarchy where knights mete out their own brand of justice in service to a goddess of a mythic lake?

With enough imagination and creativity, the possibilities are endless. Please share your experiences on our forums at GrimAndPerilous. Your Characters are able to overcome various challenges by calling upon raw abilities and some innate aptitudes, using with learnt proficiencies that rest upon the foundation of raw ability.

Their prowess represents a specific command over situations that they have either grown accustomed to or over those who exhibit a natural command. And naturally, all challenges have their own measure of risk. Whenever you try to perform a task or action which has a dramatic or direct effect in the gaming world, your GM will ask you to make a Skill Test sometimes simply called a Test to determine whether you succeed or fail.

Additionally, Skill Tests can render Critical Successes granting an additional positive effect or Critical Failures incurring an additional negative effect. On the other hand, there may be some tasks that are outside the realm of possibility. Your GM will determine if some tasks are too difficult for success to be a possibility. These challenges vary widely, including courtly intrigue, wilderness exploration, chase scenes, combat and more.

These challenges form the drama of how your Character interacts with the campaign world. Whenever the GM calls upon you to influence an outcome, you roll the dice to determine success or failure. Most rolls you make during a game session will be for Skill Tests, generated using dice.

Before you roll, be sure to indicate to players and the GM which die represents the tens die and which represents the units die. Rolling equal to or under the Total Chance for success means you succeed at your Skill Test. Rolling over the Total Chance for success indicates failure. Danziger Eckhardt needs to make a Skill Test. Generally, your GM will call upon you to Test a specific Skill as you role-play within the campaign world. Each Skill is related to a Primary Attribute.

First, add the Primary Attribute value to bonuses conferred by Skill Ranks. Then, apply any penalties your Peril Condition Track may confer. This may cause you to ignore some or all of your Skill Ranks.

Add modifiers from Talents and Traits that apply. The sum of these determine your Base Chance. Credence Redding is attempting to use a Coordination Test. Coordination is an Agility-based Skill.

Other conditions of the environment and outside influences will have an impact on your ability to succeed or fail. These are ambient bonuses or penalties imposed upon you by the drama of the situation by your GM, called the Difficulty Rating.

The GM will tell you the final adjustment you must apply. Add all of the modifiers together to determine the Total Chance for success. While some modifiers may negate one another, your GM will always clarify these situations. Grab D, call out to the table what your Total Chance for success is and roll. If the rolled number is equal to or less than your Total Chance for success, you have succeeded at the Skill Test.

(Download) ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG Revised Core Rulebook [R.A.R]

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Tolkien's works have installed the idea of flashy. It wasn't always this way. Low fantasy,. Gamers who. The key to new characters is their survival to the expert levels which all feel a bit.

ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG: Revised Core Rulebook (Phone PDF + Digital PDF) - This bundle includes a traditional Digital PDF and a Phone PDF for​.

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This revised PDF edition is published in celebration with Andrews McMeel Publishing, and features a refreshed layout, new artwork, rules clarifications, color plates by Dejan Mandic and errata. These rules are a perfect fit for Renaissance and medieval-styled adventures, too. Revolutionizing the way tabletop role-playing gamers use PDFs at the game table, this new format is optimized for the mobile user. Phone PDF side-steps the frustration of pinch, pan and zoom of traditional Digital PDFs on mobile devices by utilizing a mobile-first design. It is also designed for both tablets and phones.

D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG: Revised Core Rulebook D.O.C

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