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Journal of Personnel Psychology , 12, pp. Cognitive components of swift trust render it fragile and in need of reinforcement and calibration by actions. Action components of swift trust are undertheorized as are the links to team performance.

Swift Trust in Global Virtual Teams

Hae DSpacesta. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Trust development in the global virtual team: A case study approach Iqbal, Md Ashif To examine the trust development factors positively and negatively , this study addressed two research questions: 1 What are the key success factors for the building of interpersonal trust between the manager—follower and the team members in a GVT? This study seeks to identify the factors essential for the development increase and decrease of interpersonal trust in the context of a GVT. This study is qualitative in nature.

This paper explores the challenges of creating and maintaining trust in a global virtual team whose members transcend time, space, and culture. The challenges are highlighted by integrating recent literature on work teams, computer-mediated communication groups, cross-cultural communication, and interpersonal and organizational trust. To explore these challenges empirically, we report on a series of descriptive case studies on global virtual teams whose members were separated by location and culture, were challenged by a common collaborative project, and for whom the only economically and practically viable communication medium was asynchronous and synchronous computer-mediated communication. The study raises a number of issues to be explored and debated by future research. Pragmatically, the study describes communication behaviors that might facilitate trust in global virtual teams. Authors: Sirkka L.

Case Studies. An integrated model, created to guide project managers, is outlined for the implementation and management of virtual teams. This model is developed by means of an exploratory literature review and an empirical investigation of virtual team utilization in a multinational medical device manufacturer, which examines several factors critical to their success. A TOWS matrix is used to structure the results of the analysis and to identify future virtual team strategies for the organization. The study demonstrates that a structured approach is essential to ensure that the benefits resulting from virtual teamwork are maximized. Keywords: virtual team; collaboration technology; best-practice model; case study; medical devices. Virtual teams have emerged as a powerful structure in the contemporary business environment, and are characterized by the use of information and communication technologies ICTs , radical changes in organizational design, and the deployment of a multicultural workforce Gilson et al, ; Greenberg et al.

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Global Virtual Teams: How to Manage Them Abstract: The emergence of the internet, multimedia, collaborative software environments and group support systems has created new opportunities for organizations to form global virtual teams GVTs to work on complex virtual projects, and remain competitive. This development in information and communication technology over the last decade and a half has added a new dimension to management and has sparked a new line of research. One of the researchers has worked in a virtual team for 7 months, and conducted an ethnographical study. It was found that communication was the core challenge to the success of a global virtual team.

This paper explores the challenges of creating and maintaining trust in a global virtual team whose members transcend time, space, and culture. The challenges​.

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Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams

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PDF | This paper explores the challenges of creating and maintaining trust in a global virtual team whose members transcend time, space, and.