Ordinary Differential Equations And Infinite Series Pdf

ordinary differential equations and infinite series pdf

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In mathematics , a partial differential equation PDE is an equation which imposes relations between the various partial derivatives of a multivariable function.

List of ebooks and manuels about Ordinary differential equations and infinite series by sam melkonian. System of linear differential equations Text book of ordinary differential equations by S.

Ordinary differential equations and infinite series by sam melkonian

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The purpose of this paper is to propose a method for studying integro-differential equations with infinite limits of integration. The main idea of this method is to reduce integro-differential equations to auxiliary systems of ordinary differential equations. Results: a scheme of the reduction of integro-differential equations with infinite limits of integration to these auxiliary systems is described and a formula for representation of bounded solutions, based on fundamental matrices of these systems, is obtained. Conclusion: methods proposed in this paper could be a basis for the Floquet theory and studies of stability, bifurcations, parametric resonance and various boundary value problems. As examples, models of tumor-immune system interaction, hematopoiesis and plankton-nutrient interaction are considered. Integro-differential equations appeared very naturally in various applications see, for example, [ 1 — 5 ] , which explains the interest in the theory of these equations see, for example, [ 6 , 7 ].

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Butt, "Interactions of Inter- and Intraphase. Gradients in. Partial Differential Equations and Boundary-Value Problems with to standard topics including a rethought presentation of series solutions. Libraries and resellers, please contact cust-serv ams. See our librarian page for additional eBook ordering options.

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Ordinary differential equations and infinite series by sam melkonian