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The authors provide the reader with a simple introduction to credit derivatives. The article includes a broad overview of the market, estimates of the global market size, and a description of the most widely used products.

When it comes to derivatives and structured products, you deal with considerable and complex legal, regulatory, and tax implications.

Wiley Online Library Sample Chapter. Structured products and Related credit derivatives With new structured asset products continuously being introduced to today's markets, it's important for experienced and aspiring investors to understand the essential aspects of these financial instruments. Structured Products and Related Credit Derivatives can help you achieve this goal.

Credit derivative

In finance , a credit derivative refers to any one of "various instruments and techniques designed to separate and then transfer the credit risk " [1] or the risk of an event of default of a corporate or sovereign borrower, transferring it to an entity other than the lender [2] or debtholder. An unfunded credit derivative is one where credit protection is bought and sold between bilateral counterparties without the protection seller having to put up money upfront or at any given time during the life of the deal unless an event of default occurs. Most credit derivatives of this sort are credit default swaps. If the credit derivative is entered into by a financial institution or a special purpose vehicle SPV and payments under the credit derivative are funded using securitization techniques, such that a debt obligation is issued by the financial institution or SPV to support these obligations, this is known as a funded credit derivative. This synthetic securitization process has become increasingly popular over the last decade, with the simple versions of these structures being known as synthetic collateralized debt obligations CDOs , credit-linked notes or single-tranche CDOs. In funded credit derivatives, transactions are often rated by rating agencies, which allows investors to take different slices of credit risk according to their risk appetite. The historical antecedents of trade credit insurance , which date back at least to the s , also presaged credit derivatives more indirectly.

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After-hours market The after-hours market or after-hours trading refers to trading after the official closing of the stock mar-ket. They offer a unique combination of benefits: dynamic asset allocation; risk diversification; structuring flexibility; and meet growing customer needs for active management. More specifically, it is a structured product that involves investors taking on the obligation to sell a certain number of shares or currency on a regular basis at a fixed price. The instruments have since exposed many investors to a variety of asset classes through the use of derivatives. Structured products" is the generic term for both structured investments that need to be actively managed and are therefore dynamic e.

An Introduction to Credit Derivatives

Jetzt bewerten Jetzt bewerten. Updated coverage of structured credit products with in-depth coverage of the latest developments Structured credit products are one of today's fastest growing investment and risk management mechanisms, and a focus of innovation and creativity in the capital markets. The building blocks of these products are credit derivatives, which are among the most widely used products in finance.

Credit Derivatives are derivative securities that are used to trade and hedge default risks. Credit default swaps CDSs are the most common type of credit derivative. According to different surveys of market participants, which were summarized in Chapter 2, CDSs are by far the main credit derivatives product in terms of notional amount outstanding. Essentially, the pricing of credit derivatives is linked to that of other instruments; however, A credit derivative is an agreement designed explicitly to shift credit risk between the parties; its value is derived from the credit performance of one or more corporations, sovereign entities, or debt obligations. Some key valuation principles are also highlighted.

Structured Products and Related Credit Derivatives: A Comprehensive Guide for Investors / Edition 1

Credit derivative

More titles may be available to you. Sign in to see the full collection. Filled with the insights of numerous experienced contributors, Structured Products and Related Credit Derivatives takes a detailed look at the various aspects of structured assets and credit derivatives. Written over a period spanning the greatest bull market in structured products history to arguably its most challenging period, this reliable resource will help you identify the opportunities and mitigate the risks in this complex financial market.

A structured product , also known as a market-linked investment , is a pre-packaged structured finance investment strategy based on a single security , a basket of securities, options , indices , commodities , debt issuance or foreign currencies , and to a lesser extent, derivatives. From the investor's point of view, the concept of structuring means customizing your return stream. For example, an investor dislikes a specific stock and does not want to hold it in their portfolio, but knows how much regret a 20 percent rise in the stock would cause. Numerous combinations of conditions and assets are available and pricing is based on past likelihoods, actual occurrences, and current market expectations of such returns happening over such timespans given the agreed constraints. The more outlandish the idea and with less time to play out, the cheaper pricing will naturally be. From the issuer's point of view, structuring means that a number of existing financial products have to be combined to achieve the client's desired return function.

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Structured Products and Related Credit Derivatives: A Comprehensive Guide for Investors

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