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principles of optimal design modeling and computation pdf

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Machine Learning Techniques in Optimal Design

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Papalambros , Douglass J. Wilde Cambridge University Press , 9 janv. This textbook focuses on the close relationship between a design problem's mathematical model and the solution-driven methods which optimize it. Along with extensive material on modeling problems, this book also features useful techniques for checking whether a model is suitable for computational treatment. Throughout, key concepts are discussed in the context of why and when a particular algorithm may be successful, and a large number of examples demonstrate the theory or method right after it is presented. This book also contains step-by-step instructions for executing a design optimization project - from building the problem statement to interpreting the computer results.

Many important application problems can be formalized as constrained non-linear optimization tasks. However, numerical methods for solving such problems are brittle and do not scale well. This paper describes a novel framework for numerical optimization in engineering design that augments the traditional run-time optimization by a three step compilation. First, symbolic learning methods are used to partition the task into sub-problems that can be solved more efficiently. This also produces specialized versions of the optimization tasks that are faster to evaluate than the original.

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Such designs are hoped to be quiet, efficient, robust, and versatile, having taken advantage of optimization via natural selection. In our initial work, an undulating robotic fin actuated by shape memory alloy SMA is developed, the design of which is inspired by the pectoral fin of stingray. The robotic fin has nine individually actuated SMA fin rays which are linked by a thin latex sheet. This remarkable robotic fin moves by oscillating its SMA actuators out of phase and thereby passing a travelling, propulsive wave along the fins length from anterior to posterior part.

In the design of experiments , optimal designs or optimum designs [2] are a class of experimental designs that are optimal with respect to some statistical criterion. The creation of this field of statistics has been credited to Danish statistician Kirstine Smith. In the design of experiments for estimating statistical models , optimal designs allow parameters to be estimated without bias and with minimum variance. A non-optimal design requires a greater number of experimental runs to estimate the parameters with the same precision as an optimal design. In practical terms, optimal experiments can reduce the costs of experimentation. The optimality of a design depends on the statistical model and is assessed with respect to a statistical criterion, which is related to the variance-matrix of the estimator. Specifying an appropriate model and specifying a suitable criterion function both require understanding of statistical theory and practical knowledge with designing experiments.

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Principles Of Optimal Design Modeling And Computation

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Embed Size px x x x x Principles of Optimal Design puts the concept of optimal design on a rigorousfoundation and demonstrates the intimate relationship between the mathematicalmodel that describes a design and the solution methods that optimize it. Since thefirst edition was published, computers have become ever more powerful, designengineers are tackling more complex systems, and the term "optimization" isnow routinely used to denote a design process with increased speed and quality. This second edition takes account of these developments and brings the originaltext thoroughly up to date. The book now includes a discussion of trust region andconvex approximation algorithms.

Principles of optimal design: modeling and computation

Manuscript received July 26, ; final manuscript received May 28, ; published online July 10, Editor: James T. Pandita, P. July 10, October ; 10 :

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