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Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 6th Edition

Click here to read a full description of the book including a sample chapter. The questions are designed to help students remember information and to make them think. The guide contains multiple choice questions. The answers, found in the back of the Exam Prep, are listed by chapter. Subjects: company ifsta officer Step 6: Test the action aginst the desired outcome ifsta company officer 5th.

The fire and emergency services have a long and proud history of serving their communities with a wide variety of fire protection, prevention, emergency medical, and public education services. The fire and emergency services administrators of the future need advanced administration, management, and leadership skills to address the ever-evolving nature of emergency services. The major prepares students for managerial and officer positions in emergency and fire service organizations. The major is a degree completion program for students to gain advanced knowledge of emergency service related subjects. The coursework builds upon technical skills and experiences earned in First Responder associate degree programs and on-the-job training.

Both print and eBook formats are available. There is no shortage of issues that a company officer might face in the everyday operation of a fire company or unit. This manual addresses the wide range of topics and issues encountered by a company officer, from leadership and supervision to health and safety issues. The fifth edition of Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer builds on the previous edition of the manual while presenting the material in a more concise manner to make it easier for students to read and instructors to teach. The number of appendices was reduced from 20 to 4 by removing information that can be found in other media. Along with reducing the volume of material from the fourth edition, the fifth edition of Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer offers several new features.

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th edition eBook

View larger. Transition to the Role of Company Officer. Logic, Ethics, and Decision-Making. Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities. Interpersonal Communications.

eBook Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th Edition This product is the eBook version of the print textbook: Fire and Emergency Services.

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer

IFSTA kept with their new layout and design as can be noted by the cover of this fire book. It seems that every edition of this company officer book is getting shorter and shorter with this edition coming in at under pages. The content of this edition is very similar to the last edition except you will see one less chapter in the newest edition. IFSTA has combined the topics of human resources and administrative responsibilities into one chapter.

This study guide app includes a test bank with multiple-choice questions based on the IFSTA textbook. Each question is page-referenced to the book. Flash Fire allows you to take a comprehensive exam, study questions from a specific chapter of the book, or even build your own exam based on the chapters you wish to study.

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th edition eBook

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer

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Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Updated course schedules for the Managing Officer Program will be posted as soon as possible. The open application period for acceptance into the Managing Officer Program is suspended. We will resume taking applications in January for acceptance into the program beginning in fiscal year October — September Students who applied in will not be affected. We apologize for the suspension. You will build on foundational management and technical competencies, learning to address issues of interpersonal and cultural sensitivity, professional ethics, and outcome-based performance.

Company Officer Training in One NEW Text This new IFSTA manual details the training required of Company Officers according to NFPA® , Standard for.


Shopping Bag is empty. The goal of this edition is to provide candidates and current company officers with the knowledge needed to develop safe, efficient and effective leadership skills. Individuals must also have knowledge in supervision, management and human relations, as well as administrative duties, community risk reduction, preplanning, and emergency response duties in relation to fire fighting. These skills, in combination with the material in the text, convey the needed information specific to duties assigned to first-line supervisors and mid-level managers. The manual has developed an updated format, differentiating it from previous editions. The key term definitions, chapter notes, and review and discussion questions will now appear at the end of every chapter.

Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 4th Edition

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Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 4th Edition

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