Strategic Goals

Goal 5: Establishing Mechanisms for Ensuring Sustainability of CONIWAS as an Institution, and its Contribution to the Sector

Key Objectives

  • Develop and implement effective and efficient management systems and administrative procedures to enhance transparency and accountability in organizational management
  • Develop and diversify resources available for sustainable delivery of service
  • Develop capacity of members organisations to understand donor policies, procedures, rules and regulations
  • Strengthen organizational capacity in monitoring and Evaluation and reporting for effective service delivery
  • Support Institutional Development of Member Organisation

Key Strategies


  1. Review existing human resources, administrative and financial policies and procedures to make them more transparent to ensure trust and confidence of members and partners and to reflect current demand and best practices
  2. Review and or re-align organizational structure to make the organisation more efficient
  3. Prepare a fund raising strategy to facilitate resource mobilization
  4. Assess training and other organizational needs of members and together design programme and seek resources for implementation
  5. Develop a pool of qualified, confident, professional, skilled and supported Think-Tank to facilitate research, policy analysis and development, and negotiation
  6. Develop and make relevant information available to NGOs and other stakeholders on sustainable basis.
  7. Develop participatory and effective mechanisms to monitor members and the Secretariat
  8. Distribute the Code of Ethics and monitor its implementation
  9. Develop annual plan and budget for approval by the Board
  10. Prepare M&E tools to facilitate coordination and for quality assurance

Expected Outcomes/Key Result Areas

  1. Organisation Efficiency and effectiveness enhanced through leadership and governance competency development in staff and Management
  2. Organizational structures and processes enhanced and re-aligned and meeting the needs of the strategic plan
  3. CONIWAS  is financially sustainable to meet its remit as defined in the strategic plan
  4. Member organisations are capable of managing their organisations effectively and efficiently are able to meet donor requirements
  5. Think-tank established and functional
  6. Functional M & E Systems and processes established

Our Partners

Water Aid
Government of Ghana
European Union
Canadian International Development Agency