CONIWAS is an abbreviation for the Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation. Various NGOs in the water and sanitation sector have over the years contributed immensely to the sector in this country. The number of such NGOs is large, their locations approaches/strategies have been virtually impossible to track. Their work and achievements were thus rarely documented nor coordinated as complementary to national efforts.


The absence of a clear mechanism for gathering and disseminating the growing experiences of NGOs makes it difficult to use field lessons to influence the sector and advocate for social changes. This situation among others stimulated the interest in forming a coalition with a unified voice, capable of mobilizing sector actors for actions that are non-confrontational but capable of resolving sector concerns. Giving the NGOs one voice for advocacy and lobbying has been one major benefit to the coalition.


CONIWAS has its head office in Accra but as a body nationwide, CONIWAS also has coordinators for the Northern, Middle and Southern zones.


Our major partners include most of the donor agencies like, DANIDA, CIDA, European Union, WaterAid Ghana, UNICEF,  just to mention a few.


Additionally we work closely with the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing, the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) and other key players in the water and sanitation sector.

Our Mission

Working in partnership with sector players to influence policies, remove barriers and promote access to potable water, sanitation and improved hygiene for the poor and vulnerable.

Our Core Programme Areas


The agenda of the Coalition will be to focus on Advocacy at both policy and decentralized levels to strengthen and deepen our role in influencing policies and practices that hinder access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by the people.

Capacity Development

To ensure improved performance, CONIWAS considers it critical to carry out some diagnosis or social assessments of sector NGOs at the local levels. This will provide the basis for developing capacity/knowledge building, programmes for implementation.


CONIWAS is assuming a substantial responsibility of monitoring water and sanitation service delivery at district and community levels. This is meant to ensure that minimum set standards are followed or obeyed.

Our Goals

    • Building partnerships with relevant stakeholders in order to increase access to water and sanitation for the poor and vulnerable in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.
    •  Creating strong and effective advocacy platforms towards influencing policy and enabling marginalized populations develop a Voice.
    • Building knowledge and developing capacity of ‘relevant’ stakeholders in the water and sanitation sector in Ghana.
    • Establishing mechanisms for ensuring sustainability of CONIWAS as an institution, and its contribution to the sector.

Our Goals

Our Partners

Water Aid
Government of Ghana
European Union
Canadian International Development Agency